PRF 4 Payment

I applied for PRF 4 early in Oct. I have not heard any outcome. Has anyone received any payment ?

We also applied in October and have not received anything.

Nothing to date as well. Still checking our depository account!

I didn’t think that they were going to issue payments until January 2022 after they processed and calculated all of the applications

From the attestation portal:

"The application for the Provider Relief Fund Phase 4 and ARP Rural Distributions is closed.

HRSA will begin making payments in December 2021 and continue through January 2022. HRSA will send individual communications to providers when final payment decisions are made, and is not able to respond to requests for updates on application status at this time.

For general information about payments, visit Future Payments | Official web site of the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration. You may also review the PRF FAQs at"

Received a payment yesterday :smiley:

Did you receive a rural payment or Phase 4? We received a small rural distribution only so far.

We have also received a small amount labeled “rural” distribution.

We received a very small rural payment as well. Fingers crossed for the phase 4.

We received a very small rural payment also on Nov 24th but nothing since.

We have received a “token of appreciation” payment only! Our practice is “rural” and 65% Medicaid:(

This is an update on the site. Since it is only Dec.14th, I’m assuming payments will be released on the 16th.

On December 16, 2021, HRSA began distributing Phase 4 General Distribution payments. Applicants receiving payments will receive an email notification with more information. The majority – approximately 75 percent – of Phase 4 applications have now been processed. The remaining applications require additional review as part of the risk mitigation and cost containment safeguards previously outlined in the Phase 4 methodology.


got ours today!!! Generous! I would like to thank Paulie and Chip so much for all the business management advice through the webinars and this forum. I’m not sure I would have even known to apply for this without them.

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We got ours today as well! Well more than we were expecting for sure! Agree, thanks to Paulie and Chip for all your advice and guidance!

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No need to thank us! Keep doing your good work, that’s why we’re all here.


We also received a generous payment. Is anyone concerned with tax implications or considering returning partial payment?

Our practice received email notification of Phase 4 “approval” in mid-December but no deposit to date. The rural provider “bonus” payment was deposited shortly after email notification of that qualification. Is anyone else’s experience? Thanks!

We received the rural payment, but have not received any phase 4 funds yet.
Anxiously awaiting and glad to hear we are not the only ones

Good morning and thanks for your reply. I have being an “outlier”. Will keep posted as well.

We have not yet received our funds. Deadline in Jan 31. Anyone else in the same boat?