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Chip & Paulie's Webinars

PMI’s Paulie Vanchiere and PCC’s Chip Hart provide webinars to help pediatric practices tackle practice management issues. These two knuckleheads usually bring in reinforcement to make sure the most accurate information is being provided- check out who we have lined up for our upcoming webinars.

PMI Videos

Complimentary courses from PMI’s Certified Pediatric Office Executive (CPOE) program to help pediatricians manage their practices.

Polls & Surveys

In en effort to see how people are responding to different situations, we have activated the ability for people to participate (and view results) in a variety of polls. If you have something you want to be polled, reach out to @Chip, @SKB or @Paulie and let them know.


No margin, no mission…In order to be a successful medical practice, it is imperative that it take the steps necessary to remain financially viable. Here we can share and receive valuable information to help practices measure and monitor their financial health.

Operations/Work Flows

With so many practices re-engineering their internal processes, why not share what is working for you?

Human Resources

The single largest expense (outside vaccines) is the cost for the staff within a medical practice. Human Resource management is a vital component as it takes many people to work together to provide the care children need. This category provides the information practices need to effectively manage the people who are expected to work side by side to deliver the best possible service to patients.


Sometimes we have to lighten the mood a bit…feel free to share things to help bring a bit a joy or a laugh to others (keep it clean)…

Media Coverage

With all the great press coverage surrounding the operational/financial state of Pediatric practices, we wanted to have a place for people to share the results of their efforts reaching out to their local communities.

Upcoming Events

Share/learn about upcoming events related to COVID19.

Policy Search

Special thanks to The Verden Group supplying information from their Policy Search tool. With their software, they are able to scour the various Payor websites to find policies related to COVID19. Over the coming days, they will be adding policies found to this category so that the community can find out how payors are addressing COVID19 issues, etc.


Adversity doesn’t build character, it reveals it… It also reveals our vulnerabilities!! Leadership is an essential ingredient for any organization. Receive or share advice here on resources to empower everyone to be effective leaders within their practice.


Many Pediatricians will go into Telemedicine ( TM ) kicking and screaming. Here is the place to share what you have seen work well and get answers to common questions you may have.

Billing & Coding

With so many new codes and new coding opportunities for practices, here is the place to share the latest information and advice on CPT & ICD coding issues.


Effective communication (sent via email, posted on websites, etc) can sometimes be a bit tricky and take a long time to put together. Share and find examples from other organizations here to help you deliver clear messages to parents & staff.

EMR Tips & Tricks

Many practices have creative templates and workflows related to their EMR. We’ve provided a subcategory for each of the most popular EMR systems. Please post any useful information you have in the respective subcategory.


Whether supplies are on backorder or looking for PPE, post the info here…

Medical Stuff

Here’s the place for medical-only discussions related to Pediatrics. Feel free to post information that colleagues may find useful.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.

Ethics, Policy, & Editorials

As Pediatricians move through their journey navigating these uncertain times, they may be faced with a variety of ethical concerns or have editorial thoughts to share. Please feel free to post your concerns/thoughts as the community may be able to help.