New funding available: Provider Relief Fund Phase 3 General Distribution

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So based on the way I am reading this this round will only bring providers how have not yet received the 2% of revenue up to a maximum of the 2% of revenue. We received the full 2% already so is there any reason for us to apply for phase 3?

The only thing I can point to is the text in the email that states:

You may be eligible regardless of whether you previously were eligible for, applied for, received, accepted, or rejected payment from prior PRF general distributions. You should apply for funding if you experienced expenses and/or lost revenues attributable to COVID-19 that have not been reimbursed by other sources.

Wish I knew more about this program. Hoping the AAP may have further guidance…

Thanks Paulie. I will watch for updates and sign up for the HHS webinar on the 15th

The first-come-first-served aspect of this implies to me that if the are going to give money away until they run out of money. If enough practices don’t apply who hadn’t reached 2% yet, they may turn to the remainder.

A LOT of federal money went unrequested.


Sharing a message from the esteemed @SKB:

Hi all,

Here is Draft 1 (736.1 KB) of the UNOFFICIAL guidance on Phase 3 of the CARES Provider Relief Fund disbursements. It covers:

a) are you eligible for phase 3;

b) how to apply for phase 3

c) should you apply for phase 3? (i.e. what are the downsides)

Note that this is UNOFFICIAL guidance. The AAP has not reviewed or endorsed or approved this yet.

If you lose this document, please retrieve it from

If you need the prior Phase 2 application guidance, you can get that here:

If you find errors or have questions, please email them to me offlist at

Please, please, please, help me help you by reading the whole thing through before emailing me questions. I am totally happy to help, seriously! But last time folks HAD A QUESTION ABOUT PAGE 8 and it was answered on page 9.

Also, please put some context around your question. Last time someone sent me an email titled “CARES Question” and the entire message was something like:

“Hi Dr Berman, we have a question about the CARES Act. What about PPE, does that count?”

…which doesn’t help me understand WHICH field they were having trouble with or WHAT the PPE question was. And it turns out they actually meant PPP (the loan) not PPE (personal protective equipment). Provide a little more background about your question and I can help you faster! :slightly_smiling_face:


Suzanne Berman, MD FAAP

Plateau Pediatrics

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Hi Chip,
I appreciate the posting on this. This CARES 3 has changed some of the operating monies (It now recommends excluding grant monies for phase 3 ) . I can not seem to find anywhere on how to handle insurance pmpm payments for phase 3; any insight Chip?
Cecile Fraley
Pediatric Partners SW , Durango

All insurance payments should be included as patient care revenue. The exclusion for “grants and tuition” refers to research activities.

Clarification on taking Medicare, Medicaid or CHIP. So, your practice still would have to be a participating provider for one of these programs to get funds this go around, correct?

NO! You no longer need to participate with Medicaid/CHIP/Medicare, but it’s a first come, first served process.

Please check the latest documentation!

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If a practice already rcvd the full 2% in phase 2 can we apply for additional funding in phase 3? can get funding based on lost revenue and covid expenses.

Thank you so much. Your guidance through CARES has been invaluable to us!