HRSA Application Tips & Tricks (Phase 4)

Here’s the link to all the Phase 4 info (and application link):

For those who applied for a previous CaresAct grant, you will find the process nearly identical with different date ranges, etc. I suggest having the previous application handy to help you fill in some of the details they want, etc.

However, keep in mind that you may have to click the “Update TIN” on the Organization TIN Dashboard before you can start submitting the application for Phase 4:

After that, you will see it bring up a box below for you to start the process to validate your TIN:

It then goes through several steps to validate your information before allowing you to start the Phase4 submission…

Once you go through the steps of validating your information, you will notice there is a new box on the last step asking for your practice Medicaid ID numbers…be sure to add those in as specified.

Once submitted, they will take several days to validate your TIN and then send you an email to submit the Phase 4 info.

I finished the add TIN steps you listed above and then wanted to get ready to fill in the blanks on the Application section so I can have a head start on the process. I noticed on the page with the application instructions (Application Instructions | Official web site of the U.S. Health Resources & Services Administration)
section 13.1 -13.6 these sections are for Revenue from Patient Care but in the bold right below that it says operating expenses. I think this is in error what do you all think? image

I will watch the webinar tomorrow but just wanted to ask your thoughts.

Yeah…I agree…mislabeled instructions…

Good morning,
I’m also getting a head start on the application and will be watching webinar later. Hoping for answers/confirmation on the following:
On the Patient Care Revenue list of exclusions - Contractual Adjustments from third party payers - would this include Anthem EPHC Essentials program incentives and Medicaid Promoting Interoperability payments?
Assuming PPP forgiven loan would fall under the “other pandemic assistance received”?

**Update - already received verification and am able to submit application!

The website offers a sample (blank) application to give you an idea what they are wanting you to submit:

Within the sample application are references to what should be in various blanks/fields. Here is a breakdown of what they want in each blank/field/box:

I would suggest filling out the sample application by hand before trying to enter it into the online system. When you are ready to enter your information, it is actually a redirect to a DocuSign document (similar to the Phase 3 application).

Even if you click the option to “Finish Later” nothing gets saved until you submit the application. After a certain amount of time the system will time out and you have to log back in and re-enter the info.

Save yourself the headache and feel to rush by doing it by hand on the sample application first…

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I am excited! I finished the application well ahead of schedule. I submitted everything yesterday afternoon. All I can say is read all the material on the HRSA website. I closed my door for the past two days and read everything I could. This Phase 4 incorporated the dates that hit us the hardest during this pandemic.

what do i do if i can’t recall if i entered teh medicaid numbers? THanks

It’s hard to predict what will happen if the Medicaid number is not included in the application. My suspicion is that such number will be used in some way to determine eligibility for the rural Medicaid panel bonus (which is based on the patient’s home address and not the practice location).

I’d suggest calling them and see if they can update the information. When I called them yesterday, I was on hold for an hour and 15 minutes before someone picked up to answer a question…

The supprt number is (866) 569-3522

thank you!

Operating expenses from patient care:

? include: professional development (improves patient care and also a contracted benefit for providers), website maintenance (allows patients to access portal / self-scheduling)?

I tentatively excluded meals & Entertainment (event reservations/catered meetings); travel, lodging, and meals associated with professional development; advertising; business gifts; and charitable donations.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Since the application requests a copy of the tax return, I would assume that the remount entered should correlate to your tax reporting- assuming that the entity does not have any non-medical practice operations under the same TIN…

I’m confused about fishing out operating expenses from patient care vs. what is not allowed. Is there any further guidance on that besides the brief list on HRSA website?

Thanks! I was reviewing by line item on my P&L verses deductions on 1120S. Probably overthinking as I am prone to do by trying to define expenses relating to direct patient care verses business expense.

As a heads up to everyone…if for some reason you need to make any correction(s) after completing the DocuSign (I uploaded an incorrect document), the customer service rep said to click “Submit New Information” on the Organization TIN Dashboard since they will only process the most recent DocuSign completed…

So I had the TIN validated. Got an email that I am ready to submit. My dashboard screen already has a green checkmark above revenue and tax information but does have a link to “submit new information” (instead of the exclamation point that says available now “get started”). It makes it look like I submitted once already for phase 4 and is different then the HRSA webinar said it would look… did this happen to anyone else? I tried calling help line - closed right now (of course the time I set aside to work on it…)

Maybe log out and back in to see if refreshes things?

Thanks Paulie - no change. If I click submit new information it does seem to bring up the correct docusign form to complete but makes me nervous. I will call them at 9am I was just wondering if this was happening to others…

They say it should look like this

but mine looks like this and I did not submit yet!