HRSA Application Tips & Tricks (Phase 4)

Sounds normal…now you have to click “update TIN”…

I already did the update TIN (after the portal re-opened) and a few days later (10/1/21) got the email that I was verified.

There is a difference between validate and update. Validate requires a review. Then “Update TIN” on the left is a step after validation.

I think I did the first step correctly by “add organization TIN” and went through all those questions (same as webinar said). Then I got the email that said:

"Dear Valued Provider:

Thank you for submitting your information to the Provider Relief Fund Application and Attestation Portal. Your Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) has passed the first step of our verification process and you may now continue the application process for Provider Relief Fund Phase 4 and American Rescue Plan (ARP) Rural funding.

Please note, this verification does not guarantee you will be eligible for payment; HRSA will be taking additional steps to verify your organization’s status and eligibility for funding.

What action should I take?
You can now return to the Provider Relief Fund Application and Attestation Portal to complete the next step in the application process, which is to enter your financial information. Please begin this process as soon as possible."

So shouldn’t I be ready for the new application?

Did you do the “Update TIN” on the left after you got your validation email? It’s a step that’s not mentioned in the email.

I don’t see that as an option on mine!

Weird…I got that from the screenshot you sent earlier…is there a grid below? Send another screenshot of the whole screen and I might be able to point you…it’s not very intuitive on what to do to Update.

mine’s blank on the left!

Yeah…that not right…aside from logging in and out again, I think there’s something with the site not working right at this point

ok - thanks. I’ll call them later. I really appreciate your help. Can I ask one other question. When calculating expenses due to patient care… we do not have any other business that creates revenue. other than charity/travel expenses/maybe cme - anything else we need to exclude?

My interpretation is to report expenses as reported on your profit and loss reports. If there are discrepancies with the uploaded documents, it could be rejected. Even if the expenses were personal in nature but meets the IRS business deductibility requirements, it is an expense of the business providing patient care. This is just my gut speaking here as I’ve not been able to find any guidance from HRSA or in the instructions to adjust for such items.

It is my belief that such questions on the form are related to entities that have a separate business line under the entity’s TIN…like a hospital who created a subsidiary that is not related to patient care. For 99.9% of pediatric practices, this is not anything to worry about unless you have an ice cream shop inside the practice :wink:

thank you! so just use total expenses from profit/loss report on QB? my acct was trying to steer me to remove stuff which didn’t sit right!

That’s how I did it for four practices…just report what’s in QuickBooks…I realize something like the travel expense for a PMI conference may not smell right, but there is nothing in the HRSA instructions or site about backing out such “discretionary” expenses.

Also keep in mind that they will want your most recent tax return in the process…which they will likely spot check expenses in some way. Keep it simple and report what’s on the P&L…and don’t get any bright ideas to shift vaccine expenses from 2021Q2 up to 2021Q1 to increase the expenses for that reporting period…it’s not worth the headache, etc.

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fyi - My screen looked the same as yours. I used the submit new information and phase 4 application loaded. I was able to complete and submit with no issues.

THANK YOU!! I am going in circles with the help line and they have no idea!

Is the 25% bonus for Medicaid providers only for practices that have lost money? That’s how I interpreted it, but am unable to validate on the website. Thanks!

I’m in the same boat as you. Remember it is based on the rural location of the patient and not the practice. No downside I’m aware of to checking “Yes” to be considered for the Medicaid extra payment.

FYI in case anyone else is following this thread - I did get through to support and they said for some unbeknownst reason some portals look like mine and some look the other way but both work! I was able to submit the application through the “submit new information” link and receive email confirmation of receipt. Thanks Paulie for all your help!

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I’m unsure of our (#9) CMS certification number (CCN)? Would this be the NPI number or even our Medicaid provider number?

I left that blank for my practice - don’t think we have one?!

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