HHS Phase 3

Our practice got the 2% of annual revenue provider relief fund in phase 2. We keep getting emails that the dead line for phase 3 is November 6th inviting us to apply.
Did anyone try to apply? I can’t find an application form and the web site for HRSA has the same old application.
Thank you

If you have received Phase 2 funds and would like to apply for Phase 3, you click here:

Thank you, this very helpful!

Thank you Dr Berman

Dr Berman

I have having trouble interpreting patient care expenses. For example are these expenses to be EXCLUDED as they are not directly connected to patient care?

  1. AAP membership and PREP subscriptions?

  2. Office cleaning?

  3. Professional fees eg accounting, legal etc

  4. Security system?

  5. Office supplies – paper, toner, paper towels etc

  6. CME plus Travel eg AAP, PMI Conference

Thank you very much.

Those could all be patient care expenses and most likely are, unless you run a sideline through your practice’s TIN. If you spent $3000 on the security system for a rental property, then no. If it was $3000 for your main practice building where you see patients for purposes of ensuring the safety of your staff and equipment, then yes, that’s patient care expenses.

Patient care expenses include both healthcare related expenses (clinical) and general/administrative expenses (nonclinical.) A nurse is HRE and a biller is GA, but both are counted since you need both to run your business.

Non patient care expenses would include things that are not related to your core business of patient care. Like let’s say you also did clinical research and you hired a research writer and bought them 50 reams of paper. That person’s salary and the 50 reams of paper would not be patient care expenses.

Great and thanks a bunch!