Federal relief for pediatricians announced today (June 9)

Well, this was a welcome email to receive today :grinning: https://contentsharing.net/actions/email_web_version.cfm?ep=9baoVVftuXoWPkminnrpby7VQPyxtgrqeXv_hbC3CmRYnN5Rnv-yo2bVCZO6uw1is0uRDycNks0SB5qYV4PMxIfUaGXha2pdGiW0lV93-yB3PY2wjAoQom9p2xu7-dccE1GTuxqikk1qOEZszbnW6A~~

Here is the link to the statement issued by the AAP today:

And the direct statement from HHS:


With much gratitude to the many people from this forum who advocated on behalf of pediatricians!

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Anyone figured out how to apply yet?


I don’t see that the portal is open yet. The email from the AAP states that a new portal will open 6/10 to apply, but I have yet to see anything new.

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Patiently waiting.

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Anyone have the link to the portal and has it even opened yet?

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We got paid during the second general fund round and were certainly glad to get it, but I sure wonder if we had waited on this round would we have received a larger amount of funds. Oh well… Good luck to everyone and I hope the application process runs smoothly and the funds come without any hiccups!

The second general fund round was also supposed to be 2% of your total receipts - i.e. the same as you’d get via this round.


thanks for the info. that is what I was thinking. I saw a mention of adjustment based on the amounts of Medicaid a practice sees, but we are kind of average, so, yes I think the 2% calculation is where a practice like ours would land.