CARES Act Provider Relief Fund

Are pediatric practices eligible for the latest additional funding for this fund? It looks like grants are based on revenue billing and not just medicare billing, so it opens up for pediatric practices. Has anyone applied yet?

No. Part II (the remaining $20B) is additional Medicare funds not allocated in Part I ($30B). Only practices who have received a Part I payment (based on Medicare FFS payments) can apply for part II.

HHS will begin distribution of the remaining $20 billion of the general distribution to these providers on April 24 to augment their allocation so that the whole $50 billion general distribution is allocated proportional to providers’ share of 2018 net patient revenue.

So we have a single digit medicare patient practice, and did get a very small check from Part 1 of the program. We will try to apply and see how it goes. It appears that we at least have a foot in the door!

I will try to post how the process goes.