ECW- questions


I was wondering if anyone that has ECW use any of these partners -
2- Openedge

What they likes/dislikes- any information - would be helpful

Hi. We chose Vantiv a year ago due to the cost and I think possibly they take AMEX and Discover. Can’t really remember exactly why.


  • Integration for epayments on the portal

  • Multiple readers that you purchase outright so many people can take payments at the same time. We have 2 in reception, 1 in our business office and 1 in our “sick” office we set up due to the pandemic

  • No need for paper tape rolls, receipt prints on any printer

  • Monthly fees lower than our previous vendor


*the virtual terminal portal through iQ is horrible and difficult to log onto

  • Have to print receipts on printer paper

  • Readers are not contactless or portable. USB plugs into CPU. Seems like old technology

Nathalie Rubin, MD
Thousand Oaks, CA