eCW Patient Portal

Looking for practice/patient feedback with eCW’s version of the Patient Portal before shelling out an additional a-la-carte monthly fee of $75 per provider. Thanks!

We use the portal, but it is included. It functions as well as any I’ve accessed with my personal doctors. Do you have specific questions, I’d be happy to discuss in more detail. I love to talk to other eCW users, especially since it is so difficult to communicate with eCW about anything :blush:.



Never heard of a charge for eCW Portal.

We’re looking to streamline some office workflow due to staff/provider schedule changes. There are still so many screens/surveys/forms/questionnaires associated with well and sick visits that giving access ahead of time, whether to complete and bring to visit or have parents “preview” to facilitate in office completion. Also, provide parents some “self service/help” capabilities (immunization history/labs) etc.

Wondering what others on this platform utilize it for and find the most productive for the practice and families.Thanks!

We use the patient portal for a lot of things that save the staff phone calls to the office including refills, online booking, messages to providers, referrals, appt confirmations, bill pay, etc. It is included in the package we have with ECW. For those on ECW looking for a connection to ECW users–there is a group on Facebook you can join and my direct email is: We have been on ECW since 2009.

Didn’t know there was Facebook users group. I usually go to

For your eCW platform, do you have a server or do you use their cloud hosting service? Wondering if this has anything to do with the additional monthly charge per provider for “adding the Patient Portal”? I have reached to to our Account Manager for clarification.

We have our server on premise. We do not use the cloud hosting service.