Billing Companies

Good evening. I would love to have some suggestions for billing companies. I currently use ECW for over 15 years and may have to transition from inhouse billing to a billing company. I would want to stay with this EMR system ideally. I would love to hear your personal experiences and suggestions, good with billing companies.

Thank you again!

We are also an ECW user for 14 years. We do our billing in house. There are a number of billing companies out there but I never trusted their knowledge and diligence compared to our in house skills. Even ECW has their own RCM services. You can go to the ECW NUC in Oct and can meet both users and billing companies and get direct comprehensive feedback. I am curious as to why you are planning to switch.

Sorry for delayed response. I totally agree with in house billers which I have utilized for over 16 years. Unfortunately, my head biller/coder will be moving to Seattle and working remotely. In addition, I just lost one other biller. Trying to be proactive to have Plan B arrangements, just in case.

I have gone to ECW conferences every 2-3 years, but strength of these conferences has slowly deteriorated every time I attend. In addition, a local OB/Gyn used ECW RCM services and lost thousands of dollars.

I would love to have couple billing company suggestions, possibly pediatric specific. Altus was one company that was mentioned to me. Any thoughts?

I suggested the ECW NUC to meet other practices who have outsourced their billing. I agree with your position on the ECW conferences, I have also stopped going. Think of it as your best bet to evaluate billing companies. If I were in your shoes I would also work hard on hiring additional billers. I took me about 3 hire hire and fire cycles to get to where I wanted to be, but it cost me a lot in hourly wages.

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I have hired mostly from Indeed in last couple years. Any other places or ways that you have hired billers?