Coding Audit recommendations

We are looking to hire a company to do a limited chart review to see if 6 providers in our practice are accurately following new coding guidelines.

Potentially we may also want this audit company to do an end to end review to audit our billing/reimbursement process as well.

Any suggestions?

Here’s my advice because we do this often in house:

  1. Make sure you are billing for all services done
  2. Make sure that the billers are billing accurately
  3. Make sure your getting paid according to your contract
  4. Make sure that the back office staff does their part
  5. Make sure your doctors are documenting and coding at the proper level
  6. Make sure that the front office obtains current and accurate demographics/insurance
  7. Make sure that the check out staff is collecting balances, copays and scheduling follow ups
  8. Make sure that the schedulers are registering new patients efficiently

You can call me anytime for questions or advice 818-451-9394. We have a good system.