2021 E&M Coding Review

Jan Blanchard and I just finished this video about the impact of the upcoming E&M changes on pediatrics. Free, no email gateway, picks up some aspects I’ve not heard in other talks, etc. And it features @Jan, so you know it’s good.


Thanks for posting. Looking forward to reviewing.

Has anyone come up with a reliable method to estimate projected revenue changes due to the changes? Thanks!

We need to wait for:

  • the RVUs to be published (and there are changes beyond the E&Ms, like imms admin)
  • a better understanding of what the Conversion Factor will be (this is a big deal)

…meanwhile, you will need to work with your payors to determine whether they will be using the 2021 schedule or not. If they’re still going to stick with 2013 or 2018 or whatever, it doesn’t matter!


I can’t wait to find an hour to watch! Thank you in advance!

Any tips on how to possibly spend 5-7 minutes reviewing a complex patient’s chart, 15-20 minutes seeing the patient and 7-10 minutes documenting all in the same day, when your patient schedule is packed “every 20 minutes” with patients?