In office covid 19 testing. Profitable?

Was wondering if anyone has found doing the covid 19 test in the office to be profitable or is it a big money loser? If it is profitable, which tests are you using and what codes are you billing out? What is your profit margin?

Yes. We do BD veritor antigen tests. Just started doing them. Will have to look into the reimbursements next month to see if the costs match. Tried asking our health department to help with self pay patients but still awaiting response. I know some states and DOH do provide free testing kits.
Hope this helps.

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We use an Antigen TEST KIT, SARS ANTIGEN QUICKVUE (ordered from McKesson), CPT 87426, that is $155 per box of 25 kits per box - and Insurance has reimbursed between $18.56 - some have met our pricing at $60.00. Raising rates to $75 to see how much more our top payers (Aetna and Meritain) will go.

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I am using the QuickVue Quidel Product SARS Antigen Test. Buying the kits for $190.00 for 25 test. Billing 87811 QW Modifier. Medicaid pays $41.38. Needless to say we are finally making money for the work we are doing.

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Mr Buckland

We found it hard to track the patient for whom we are testing with the dipstick. We do 100+ tests a day. We use BD or Sofia where we can write the patient name on the stick. What is your volume? How do you track the patients?

We do not have that volume. We are testing about 25/Day. Little Sticky notes with Acct. numbers on it

Are your schools allowing rapid antigen tests for reentry? Ours require PCR.