Problems with eCW upgrade to 11.5

We were just upgraded to version 11.5 in the exe version. There are LOTS of problems with it, many of which eCW is aware. They have a patch coming. I highly recommend you do not upgrade until the patch is available.

Thanks so much for this. Just attended ecw"s “Making the Most of V11.5” webinar and during the q & a, subscribers FREQUENTLY commented that their SAM (STRATEGIC ACCOUNT MANAGER) recommended waiting. Of course the presenters “begged to differ”. I am WAITING.

Have the kinks been worked out yet?

Unfortunately, the many issues for the 11.5 version persist. We are awaiting the “patch.”

Regarding the issues with version 11.50, there is now a patch available. It is version 11.52. I am hoping to have it installed next week. It is supposed to go out to everyone by the end of the month.