General Overview

@Paulie: Do you how has the reliability of has been over the long term? I know they had some server issues early this week, but the PCN team really liked the ease of use of the product when we trialed it. An account rep of theirs said they added server capacity and are prepped for continued demand but I haven’t seen much since. I think several of our practices are starting with Zoom due to the price point and reliability of a large video platform.

Monday I had some connectivity issues, but not the rest of the week.

I have seen issues with older computers. One mom couldn’t get it to work, I was trying to talk her through it by phone and finally asked if there were other computers or tablets in the home. Her teen grabbed his school computer and we had no problems.

Sometimes it’s hard to hear, but usually that is when people are on a smart phone rather than a computer.

As for Zoom, I have 2 college kids. Different schools. Both will be starting Zoom classes tomorrow. I think it’s what most colleges are using, so it might have issues as kids get back to class.

I just got 23 providers up and going. There was a problem with the texting Thurs/Friday but they changed text providers over the weekend and we’ll see what tomorrow brings.