Which platforms do people like?

As we are moving forward into the “new normal”, we are trying to determine which telemedicine platform to adopt. We started with the free Doxyme back in March and it has worked reasonably well with occasional freezes or inability to connect. Rashes can sometimes be a challenge but I understand the paid version has higher resolution. We turned on Doxyme in a 24 hour turnaround time just to be able to get started. Now we are trying to go back and do our research/ due diligence. We are a 15 doc, 3 office private pediatric office. Any suggestions from others of platforms to consider or avoid and why?

We use AnyTime Pediatrics, has worked well, with rashes DEFINATELY a photo taken by the parent PRIOR to the visit works way better than looking with the camera in the application. Connection has done well even with several of our families out in the more rural areas of our counties.

Pat Hynes MD
One Pediatrics
Louisville KY

I echo the comments in Support if Anytime Pediatrics. A pleasure to work with the team, excellent and responsive support team, exciting features coming to improve the physician and user experience. QA reports provided which can be helpful for PCMH. Our patients love it. 99% of feedback is great.


We are a 12 FTE practice in Durango. We use Vidyo, in part because we supported a sub-speciality telemed site with Childrens CO prior to venturing into our own practice telemed systems for our own medical home patients ~ 5 y ago.

We also have patients send rash pictures to a medical records type secure email (that is not a bi-directional email) to obtain best “still” photo.