Physical Exam Issues With Telemedicine

John Canning from PCC has done a lot of work with ThinkMD, a healthcare company who provides fascinating aid in low- and middle-income countries via smartphone. Their experience in this arena is amazing. I’m hoping to get a primer from them about how to perform truly valuable clinical exams over video or phone. In the meantime, check out this study:

Development and Initial Validation of a Frontline Health Worker mHealth Assessment Platform (MEDSINC®) for Children 2–60 Months of Age

…from the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

Thanks! Look forward to seeing this. We all have our little tricks to get kids to do what we need them to do in the office to get a good exam, but doing it remotely presents challenges. Surely there are some tips/tricks others have come up with to make the exam better. - Appreciate this forum!