How Many Pediatricians Are Using Telemedicine?

For PCC clients, it was ~70% of all practices last week. I just posted some details on my blog, here’s a quick peek.


Who are the 30% out there still not using telemedicine?!

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We are quick to adapt!

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Short answer is yes, we are using telemedicine. I was reluctant at first but I have found it to be really useful and the patients have really appreciated this platform. I really feel it is going improve our overall quality of care especially with behavioral health/ADD, follow up asthma care, and the various topics that we advise patients over the phone (and don’t get paid for!).
We do remind our patients that our telemedicine is so much better than the insurance company telemedicine and/or the doc in the box telemedicine companies because we know their child/family and we have their chart right in front of us when we are doing these visits.

Chip here is a random sampling I collected… I think it represents the past, present and future for telemedicine. It will forever be part of practices… in my opinion. Transformational change that will require a mindset change.

I am hoping to learn from the PCC staff what the telemedicine holdouts are up to this week. I’ll report here if I do learn anything, but if you are one of them on the forum, I’d love to hear what’s happening in your practice!

Let me know if anyone needs help. We are ramped and adding more and more every day.