Feedback for upcoming webinar # 4

Hi guys

Really appreciate all your efforts! One suggestion for the next webinar would be to skip the metrics on # of patient visits, everyone knows they are down. Also focus on more on new material.


Charlie Cavallo MD
Ped Assoc PSC NKY

Dr. Cavallo-

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to share your thoughts…We are planning to some adjustments tomorrow night that address your suggestion. Feel free to let us know how we can make these webinars more useful for you and your practice.


On the other hand, knowing that our own numbers are either very similar to “the new norm” (which ours are) or differ in a significant way from what others around the country are experiencing has great value. This knowledge and ability to compare to some “norm” during a very unstable period is very helpful as we bring news of industry wide trends back to our practices as we make changes and adjust strategy. We just can’t get this info for independent pediatric practices anywhere else. I look forward to seeing the weekly updates on PCC numbers.

Jim Rice, M.D.
Annapolis Pediatrics, Maryland

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Would be great to see a breakdown on office visit metrics based on geographic location comparing what stage of the surge they are in. This will help with planning. Of course we are all down, but how much and why. Also good to compare states that have more restrictive stay at home orders. Next 4wks is going to be tough. Of course that means the 4wks after that are going to be more tough based on AR timing. I would be curious to see if areas such as New York that are in the surge and hitting peak Numbers of COVID (we pray) are seeing more or fewer WCC and more or fewer ill visits than 1wk or 2wks ago. We know with social distancing the average virus visits/calls is also decreasing which bodes well for COVID transmittion and shows social distancing works.
I know testing is a very geographic and state/city specific question, however I am curious what increase in telehealth visits offices have if they have access to testing that can be ordered and done at another location.
I’m on call tonight and very strange but understandable that majority of my calls are injury related because nice day outside and very few fever related calls since Ohio and KY have been social distancing for 3wks.
Going to see very different geographic data based on surge data and government stay at home orders, and how long those stay at home orders have been in place.

I’m not YET prepared to give good regional or localized reports. It’s next on my list for the very reasons you outline, we’re just scrambling from issue to issue ourselves. I WILL have some helpful news about data at the webinar tonight, however.

From a regional perspective, I’m going to be particularly interested in finding locations that REBOUND and following what that will look like. It’s easy to imagine what it looks like when the visits drop, I want to understand how and when they are going to rebound.

As soon as we know something, I’ll share it here.

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