Use of NonHIPPA compliant telehealth platforms

I am looking for more information regarding use of nonHIPPA compliant platforms, such as FaceTime and Zoom. Does anyone know when the cutoff date is for use of these platforms? Along that line, what does everyone like for HIPPA compliant platform. we have looked at which seems quite expensive vs GSuite which appears to require the patient to have a gmail account. What are the highest quality, non-bank breaking platforms out there?

Many have been using which is dirt cheap considering the revenue opportunity it presents. Doxy does have a free version many use. Even if you pay the $39 per provider for the “Clinic” version, it’s a heckuva deal…

We use Doximity which is a free app. So far, the quality has been pretty good. We also have the Doxy me free version for our back up. I would probably go to Doxy me if for whatever reason, Doximity stops working well for us.

Doximity now allows you to do a telemedicine visit from your computer. (It used to only allow you to do it from a smart phone). I still use it with my phone so I can have the patient’s chart up on my laptop.

And finally, Doximity has a feature where you can call patients and the caller ID can be set to your office Phone number so you don’t have to call “anonymously“ from your cell phone. It also has a feature where you can “go straight to voicemail“ if you just want to leave a message with a patient.

We use Mend with free version as a backup. Mend has pros and cons. It has forced us to be better about updating email addresses. The connection quality is usually better than Doxy, but not always. I will say Mend is super labor intensive for our front staff.

We are using the free version of We did a month trial of the paid version of Doxy but found the additional benefits did not outweigh the cost so we returned to the free version. We also tried a paid version of Zoom but found that Doxy was more user friendly for everyone.

The use of non-HIPPA compliant versions was only granted during the state of emergency.

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