Screening, intake forms, and questionnaires for telehealth visits

What methods or platforms do you use to collect documents and screen patients electronically before telehealth visits? What do you like and/or dislike about the platform that you use?

We use Phreesia for patient intake and registration and it integrates with Zoom Healthcare so all of our normal patient intake questionnaires, patient histories and forms ie MCHAT are still there for us to use with Telehealth appointments.

We use DoxyMe for our Telehealth platform. At times there are complications with either sound or video picking up. It also will cut out video when parents try to turn the camera around for us to be able to see the children’s skin up close. Overall it is not too bad.

We have limited well visits on Telehealth for those 5 years of age to 10 years of age when screening forms are not required. The MA’s triage over the phone prior to the provider inviting them to the appointment.

Problems we see overall with the Telehealth, is parents not logging in on time and or not accepting the invite at all. We do require a weight and temperature for sick visits and height and weight required for well visits to be able to calculate their BMI and discuss weight if need be.