Good afternoon,

We are currently considering integrating Phreesia with our EHR NextGen for Patient Registration/pre-visit form completion. Any pediatric practices have tips, comments, or concerns regarding the Phreesia platform? Did it improve your co-pay collections? Decrease wait times? Which responsibilities remained for registration staff after implementation?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!

We (Lincoln Pediatric Group) have been using Phreesia for a little over a year now-implemented December 2019. Phreesia has helped in a number of areas, but did slow down our providers for ahwile after implementation due to patient’s learning curve of registering. We also used our own forms and Phreesia had to build them so that took awhile (MONTHS!!).
It has helped with patient registration, collecting co-pays (and payments), and has been a God-send during COVID as they can check-in from their cars in the parking lot. It also allowed us to pre-register patients for our drive-through flu-shot clinic.

We have been using Phreesia with Nextgen since March. I love it. It helped us eliminate the waiting room because all of the check-in is done prior to arrival. Our receptionists use the Phreesia chat function to ask patients to wait in their cars or to remind them to complete their registration if needed. Parents do seem to pay past due balances upon check in. The clinicians love that all of the pre-visit forms like lead and TB screening, ASQ’s, MCHAT’s, PHQ’s etc are completed before the visit. As soon as the patient checks in, the clinician can start reviewing the data while the MA rooms the patient. We also use their patient satisfaction surveys and the feedback has been very helpful.