New feature: Pre-rounding on a visit

Athena users out there, our providers have been trying out the new Encounter Prep feature that allows documentation on an encounter before the patient checks in for their visit-- the providers love it, and we are starting to think about how we can use this for Well Visit prep, which we do on paper right now.

Is anyone else trying this feature?

And some good news… even though it has not been released yet, you can now request that this feature be turned of for your providers!

I’ve been doing the prep via the athenaOne app. Didn’t know it was available on athena!

OK, found it , used it! Great- thanks. Do you do a huddle in AM? How do you integrate this feature?

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@docmarcie We use huddles in two different sense of the word :smiley: As a daily communication tool, we send a group text in the morning to everyone working that day.
For Well Visit prep, we create a “huddle” for each visit. We do those at least one day before- right now, it’s on paper and includes a printout from the state vaccine registry and a separate sheet that collates what we want to order for that well visit and any outstanding items that surfaced during chart prep- I have attached the sheet we use as a training tool- the real huddle sheet is printed in black and white.Huddle Instructions.pdf (362.0 KB)

GREAT Huddle sheet, would you be willing to share some of the other forms you have done for your office with all of us in the forum

Pat Hynes MD
One Pediatrics
Louisville KY

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@kykidsdoc happy to share! Mostly, we have been figuring out how to optimize our paperless workflow-- we implemented ASQ online at the beginning of 2020, we have used a third party vendor for remote check in which has also allowed us to administer screening tools (and have them scored and placed in the chart), using some new tools that athena has rolled out…

That huddle sheet represents several months effort with input from everyone who touches the Well Visit process… that was a couple years agao. Last year, we employed a grad student from U of M who did process improvement work… first semester she helped the providers optimize their documentation and the second semester she helped the providers and clinical staff with task workflow… that was money well spent! She watched people work, interviewed them about their workflow, wrote up what was happening and then facilitated developing better processes- sometimes, it was just a matter of clarifying who was supposed to complete the task :grinning: