Athena User Groups/Community

For the Athena users out there, a few of the User Groups have been meeting weekly…

Telehealth on Tuesdays at noon
Family Practice on Wednesdays at noon
Pediatrics (athenakids) on Thursdays at noon

The telehealth group has been drawing over 200 participants each week and there has been a ton of information sharing-- there have also been a lot of athena folks presenting what they are working on, often giving us a sneak preview :grinning:

As you can imagine, there has been a lot of talk about what different practices are doing to respond to COVID-19 in their communities.

how do you become a part/access weekly meetings of a User Group? Thanks!

@Pholmes It’s super easy! From athena, in the purple bar across the top, click on Support, then click on Help Resources and Community- that will take you to the Community Page.

From the Community Page, click on Collaboration and then Groups. Scroll down to see a list of Groups. Click on anyone that you want to join- from there you can see the discussion board and click to join.

Once you join, you should receive a calendar invite, but you can always go to the discussion board to find a link to start the call.

Hope that helps!



Can you share what reports you’e used in Athena to help you complete the Medicaid Care Act application?

@goldman Yes, happy to share the report I used, but I do not feel authoritative on this application, so take it with a grain of salt :blush:

From the Report Tab, I selected Activity Wizard,
From there scroll down to the bottom and select Advanced,
for date filter, use Previous Year
Scroll down until you see “Show all insurance packages” and select the box

Then scroll to the bottom where you can choose to run the report in athena or download in a format that is compatible with Excel and then click Run Report

Once I had the data, I counted Medicaid total collections and Tricare. I counted the plans like Liberty cost share as Self-Pay and estimated what percentage of collections attributed to Self-Pay was really Self-Pay (instead of co-pay, co-insurance and deductible); the rest I attributed to private insurance.
I hope that helps!

Thank you for your speedy response! How did you differentiate true self-pay from copays and deductible? Do you have a quick way?

@goldman I did not find a quick way and would love to hear from anyone who did. All I came up with was pretty tedious- click on the number of charges and open each claim and check for insurance.