More updates on telehealth billing guidance for athena users

Hello fellow athena users, I received this question on the athena user group when I posted the agenda for tomorrow’s weekly telehealth call and thought others might have the same question:

“can Athena also provide us with an update on Insurance companies that will still cover telehealth?”

Here is my answer (I am pretty sure the links only work if you are logged into athena):

For sure! This is often a topic on the weekly discussion. For specific and more detailed information, there are a couple places you can look:

On the Success Community Homepage, you can click on the Home Page (

From there, scroll down to Quick Links and click on the link titled Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19):

From there, scroll down to the Billing for Telehealth and COVID-19.

I encourage you to look at the (now) 26 page payer telehealth guidelines listed under the title: Payer Telehealth Policy and athenaNet Rules Guide: It was last updated on July 11

There is also a document with dx and procedure code guidance that was last updated on June 19, as well as some other useful guides.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. Always nice to hear from another Athena user in pediatrics!

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