Virtual Event this fall since we don't get to meet in Austin

athena users, sharing a couple resources- the pediatric group (athenakids) is meeting every other Thursday- today, there was a ton of discussion about flu vaccine clinics, in office rapid testing, and planning for fall.

the telehealth weekly call is still going strong every Tuesday with over 100 people still participating each and we have been meeting every Tuesday since mid March!

and in place of the annual gathering that would have been in Austin this fall, there will be a 2 day virtual event call “Healthcare’s Next Act”

You can click on this link to see the agenda:

please tell me more, we use athena!

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@dr.ashley.miller to access the information for the different groups that you can join, click on Support in the purple bar across the top:
And then click on Help Resources and Community
You will find a ton of information there, including the COVID resource page, and to find the different groups, click on Collaboration and then Groups from the drop down menu
From there, scroll down and you will see a list of the different groups you can join- the telehealth group that meets weekly on Tuesdays has over 900 members and the pediatric group which is meeting every other Thursday has almost 400 members (it’s called athenakids)

Let me know what else I can tell you!

Thank you!!!

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