This week's athena telehealth user group special guest

Hey athena users, on the weekly telehealth discussion that I help facilitate on Tuesdays at noon, we have a special guest this week (7/14)- members of the athena government affairs team will be on the call to speak to the following agenda items:

  • Government Affairs overview on Telehealth
    • Review the regulatory and legislative changes to Telehealth since COVID-19
    • Where are we now, next steps

I am super excited to hear what they have to say.

Last week’s conversation was quite lively- one of the things I appreciate about the weekly forum is hearing stories from all over the country- last week from Florida and Texas, especially.

Any suggestions on when/how to decide, that a patient has had several telehealth visits and now it’s ‘time’ to have them to come into the office, maybe for vitals such as height, weight or blood pressure monitoring?