Website Problems

My current website provider does not want to provide that service any more. I am in the process of someone else to do it. I have visited with “ Officite “ “Practis” and “0360 “ sales persons and their prices vary a lot. Officite seems to be the most reasonable. I am checking with my fellow physicians to see if any one has any experience with them . Thank you in advance.

Raman Chopra

We use Remedy (, and they have a great pediatric focus! They’ve been great to work with, and their AAP content is fantastic!

Look at Jotform APPS. Easy to create yourself and looks great on mobile. We have the Silver Plan.

We used Officite for a few years and was very disappointed. We (my daughter who was in high school) created our website using Wix and now are in 100% control. Very easy to use and updates are a breeze, we just pay for hosting. Check out

Very nice looking website! It’s impressive for having done it yourself.

Thank you! I’ll tell my daughter!