Webinar #3- Video & Collateral- Business Impact Of COVID19

Slide deck:
The Business Impact Of COVID19 On Pediatric Practices_3_Final2.pdf (2.3 MB)


THANK YOU so much for the webinar. Extremely helpful and reassuring at the same time.


Thank you for all the information you are sifting through, breaking down and sharing. It is immensely helpful! Stay safe.

Jen Ash

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Thank you for your kind words…please encourage colleagues and like-minded people to join in the effort. We are all in this together and our collective efforts only make each of us stronger to weather the storm…


Thank you for the great information yesterday. It was very helpful. And being able to access it on the website is even better when needing to refresh my memory!

Here is a link to the Verden Group document about how to keep staff and the practice busy and productive that I mention in this episode.

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This is very reassuring and helpful!

Thank you , thank you, Thank you!!! Your talks have been so helpful to me. Again Chip, in your new role, you are still helping me with my practice.
Jill Weiner, MD
Colorado Children’s Medical Group, PC
Parker, CO

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So very helpful, all. Thank you so much!