Webinar #23- Video & Collateral- Business Impact Of COVID 19 On Pediatric Practices

Slide Deck:

Webinar_23_Slides.pdf (3.0 MB)

Practice Management Issues Covered:

  1. Scaling Up/Down To Capability
  2. Flu Clinics
  3. Telemedicine Revival?
  4. Gross Collection Rates Plummeting?
  5. Cash Disconnect
  6. HRSA Phase 4 Grant
  7. UHC Update
  8. Used Car Lots & Vaccines
  9. Upcoming Lease Accounting Rules
  10. Online COVID Self Assessment
  11. Finding Good People
  12. Cash Flow Planning

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Link to Video: Business Impact of COVID On Pediatric Practices (#23) on Vimeo

CDC Director overrules her committee and now high risk workers ( e.g. healthcare) can get the booster

2 follow up questions to the webinar

  1. Chip and Paulie- can you clarify your stance on pre-purchasing vaccines when you know the price is going to go up?

  2. I think you said we can use the bluefish md website (Covid resources portion) for our own offices- true or not?

@Chip and I are on opposite sides of the question on Pre-purchasing vaccines. He subscribes to a stronger than position than me that if you know you’re going to use the vaccines, grabbing the inventory at a discount makes perfect sense. From my perspective, tying up cash in the refrigerator takes away from the overall return on investment that comes from having only the amount of vaccines on hand needed for a month- allowing you to flip your cash more frequently. Since Sanofi is on 60-day invoicing and Pfizer is on 90-day invoicing, I really don’t want more than 60 or 90 days of their inventory.

I’ll admit that on the surface, Chip makes a much stronger case than me. But the risk of tying up cash and risk of spoilage, while can be mitigated, outweighs my tendency to stock up, etc.

If memory serves me right, I believe Bluefish welcome people pointing to their website.

Another thing to consider is the storage. We are in a hurricane prone area and our power goes out quite often. :sweat: Every time there’s a possibility of an outage we are sweating about the vaccines. We have a backup location, but who likes to transport a ton of vaccines?? So we keep our inventory as low as possible.