H/R Guidance from Kerin Stackpole

Last night, Kerin Stackpole and Dr. Berman answered many but not all of the H/R related questions for our CNN (Covid News Network) meeting. My big takeaway is that 100s (1000s, really) of you just 15-30min with an H/R specialist to take care of your questions.

I have two great pieces of news for you.

First, we are in the process of organizing for Kerin and friends to answer H/R questions here if people are interested. Please let me know if this interests you!

Second, here’s Kerin’s advice for those of you who are wondering how to find the right professional resources:

First, if they do not have experienced HR on staff, I would recommend that they join the > Society for Human Resources Management. www.shrm.org > You can be a member even if you are not an HR person. It is a few hundred dollars a
year, but you get access to lots of news materials, analyses of legal developments and > also lots of “toolkits.” Like policies, forms, etc. It is a terrific resource, and I am a
member and have been for years.

Second, find a good labor and employment attorney locally. State law also applies in > many of these situations and needs to be considered. The perfect example is the
contract question that Paulie asked at the end of the presentation. That is going to
depend, state by state. So, they should make sure to check in with counsel, before
they make big changes in their staffing, or they apply the new mandates on paid leave.

Third, www.dol.gov is the federal site that really should be
checked regularly. I have sent you many of their updates. The most important one to
date, on the new laws, is the 3/30/2020 Q&A on FFCRA. It is 59 questions and
answers that are pretty detailed and specific about commons situations. I referenced
those in my materials, and have attached this material again. Also, the latest regs are > LONG, but have some good q and a also.


I am interested in Q&A with Kerin.

I also have a follow-up question from the April 2 webinar. Kerin said that we could alternate our exempt employees payment by paying hourly one week and salary the next week. I didn’t think that was possible without jeopardizing the exemption. Do you have more clarification on that statement from the webinar? Thank you!

I’m working on all the questions (and some answers) now, will post ASAP!

Does some have COVI19 FMLA form to share with us? We need to have some of our staff members to complete.

Thank you

Vladimir Varadi

Hi Chip and thank you SO much for everything you and Paulie are doing. I can’t wait to meet you at the conference in January.

I have heard you reference the CPA and HR answers funded by Main Street Vaccines and PracticeWell and cannot find these on the forum. Would you mind sharing where to find them? Thanks!

You can find the answers here:



Hi Chip, question that I had after last night….(I also posted on the forum, but not sure if you get these questions sent to you)

Thank you so much for your help Paulie and Chip! It is a dose of sanity every week to check in with you and feel the camraderie of all the practices going through this.


Pamela Holmes, MD
West Side Pediatrics (Cincinnati, OH)

Hey, @Pholmes, just checking - did you have a specific question?


Thanks so much for emailing back. Sorry I didn’t include the question!

It was the one on the forum about billing for nurse advice/triage phone calls – which I learned we can’t— something else to lobby for……



maybe its state dependent, but the resource I saw for G2012 was qualified health professional and RN was listed.

Question…We have been providing the EPSL and EFMLA mostly as it relates to child care. Now that our volume is picking up and we really need our employees to be here, can we opt out of the EPSL/EFMLA or are we in it until the end of the year (or until the employee uses up their hours)?