Next Webinar

Chip & Paulie will be at it again with another webinar on Thursday April 22 at 7:00PM. Be sure to sign up and join us for a variety of updates on The Business Impact Of COVID-19 On Pediatric Practices:

If there is anything in particular you would like us to look into or share with attendees, feel fre to let us know (hit reply to this posting to share ideas).


Thanks and look forward to it as always. Of course we all are feeling the financial pain in 2021 that we expected in 2020. Wish we didn’t do as good of a job getting the WCC in 1st QTR so we could have hit the 25% threshold for second round PPP. Joking of course and happy we are in business and helping folks and will continue to be in business next year.
Ideas are for the Data Nerd to to show Well visit comparison and ill visit comparison over the past three or four years. Gives a good pre-COVID time table and COVID time Table across the nation and yes COVID impact has been very regional so breaking it into region with whatever gerrymandering the Data Nerd sees fit.

Also would like to see an average fee schedule comparison over time. While we have it for our own practice, it is always of interest to see what the big payors are doing across the country. Is it flat for 5 years, decreasing, increasing? Is there a big difference between the various payors on frequency of adjusting fee schedule? Gearing up for some big discussions and any data is helpful on the topic. Have we started to see any changes from new coding and new RVU changes?

Again thanks for doing these seminars.

Happy to see you both virtually again- I would be interested in the new bell curve for coding under the guidelines that took effect Jan 1 - how is that looking now?
Also: we applied for PP2 in April (and got it) and Employee Retention Credit (ERC) for quarter 1 and an advance payment for quarter 2-ERC- I didn’t realize

we could do all of these prior to talking to our accountants- given the 24 weeks for PPP forgiveness, will be able to use all 3 this year- and should qualify for full forgiveness- maybe others would like to know about this too-

We need help with lactation services and billing. It would be great to ask other peds practices who offer this service, how they do it. Thanks