Webinar #17- Video & Collateral- Business Impact of COVID 19

Slide deck: COVID19_Webinar17_SlideDeck.pdf (2.9 MB)


TCCN posted information
COVID-19 Telehealth reimbursement overview (excl. contracted rates)
Telehealth payor coding grid
Summary of updates
Medicaid telemedicine guidelines
TCCN telemedicine playbook
MAGMutual telemedicine guidance:
Telehealth Town Hall Webinar
COVID-19 FAQs for outpatient practices
Guidelines for immediate COVID-19 office containment steps
9 recommendations to keep your patients and staff safe

Paul, the people from TCCN we GREAT last night and their information was invaluable. They mentioned charing the “Recovery Toolkit COVID-19” last evening but I don’t see it here and when you go to their website, it is still behind a firewall requiring username and password…are they still going to share that? Thanks, Pat Hynes MD

Laura Davis asked us to share this reply to one of the comments in the chat last night. I believe @kykidsdoc asked it.

Have you reached out to Bill Gates Foundation for funding, if not……you should….this is right up their alley

Pat, yes we have, especially since Bill Gates was interviewed for our Jonas Salk film, “A Shot to Save the World.” Alas, the answer from the two senior program officers with whom we spoke was that word from ‘higher up’ is that they have been ordered not to touch the subject of vaccine hesitancy. In response to my questions, they said the B&MGF prefers to focus on the positive aspects of vaccines. While I would agree with that in general, in our opinion, completely ignoring the elephant in the room is not going to sway public opinion enough given how much uncertainty there is surrounding all vaccines and especially COVID. Having said that, Pat, it is very hard for us to criticize Bill Gates, a hero in so many ways.

Disturbing fact: Something like 20% of all Americans believe that Bill Gates is involved in the types of nefarious activities he is accused of by everyone from RFK, Jr to Q Anon, e.g. that he is perpetrating a genocide against African children, trying to implant all of us with Microsoft data-harvesting chips and other stuff too crazy to be believed (one would think.) 20%!!

Laura & Tjardus gave us permission to share the 5-minute preview of their project (it was excluded in the webinar recording listed above).

VAX WARS: Turning the Tide on Vaccine Hesitancy is a documentary film project and social impact campaign designed to increase vaccination rates. Target audiences are parents, young people (i.e., future parents) and health care professionals who interact with the parents of young children. Initial funding was provided by the R.K. Mellon Foundation. Your tax-deductible contribution will help this critical project reach the public. Please text Vax to 412-775-2579 to donate.

Producer Laura Davis and director Tjardus Greidanus are the team behind “A Shot to Save the World” about Dr. Jonas Salk and the polio vaccine (Smithsonian Channel.) Social impact campaign headed by Tiller LLC, a NYC communications firm specializing in advocacy.

Here’s the interview with Laura and Tjardus:

I’m glad they trusted us enough to share this video. I can’t wait to see the final movie!

I got word from Tom that they will be moving the toolkit to a publically accessible location. Once received, we will post the link.

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Oh my goodness, I did not put 2 and 2 together- resources from The Children’s Care Network were shared through this forum early on and it was all amazing! How nice to hear from this group! So impressive what they have done!!

Here’s the toolkit from TCCN that was referenced during the last webinar…