Webinar #4- Video & Collateral- Business Impact Of COVID19

Slide Deck: The Business Impact Of COVID19 On Pediatric Practices_4_Final.pdf (943.7 KB)

I scoured the Internet during the webinar for details about the CMS-Pediatrician connection and couldn’t find anything. An intrepid viewer shared this with me this morning:

Go to 3:30 and you will hear her specifically mention pediatricians in the yet-to-be-disclosed second wave of changes. I await!


Here’s a link to the NC Medicaid Telehealth policy. https://medicaid.ncdhhs.gov/blog/2020/03/30/special-bulletin-covid-19-28-addendum-bulletin-9-effective-march-30-2020-telehealth

Attached is the TN telehealth well coverage policy.
TennCare MCO EPSDT Telehealth Guidance vF.pdf (231.4 KB)

Please use these to advocate with your state medicaid “Don’t tell me our state can’t do this when NC & TN are doing it!”