[Webinar] COVID Surge and Beyond: Integrating Telemedicine to Provide Appropriate Care

Is your pediatric practice prepared for the next 4-5 months of COVID and flu patients? An integrated pediatric telemedicine solution is one tool that would ensure that you are.

Join OP and Anytime Pediatrics on November 17 (12:00 PM Eastern Time) as Dr. Sue Kressly, MD, FAAP discusses:

  • Why telemedicine is here to stay
  • How your practice can use it to your advantage
  • What best practices you can employ for efficient telemedicine scheduling

You will also hear from Dr. Barbara Periard, MD, and Dr. Pat Hynes, MD, FAAP who will outline the innovative ways they are using telemedicine now and how they plan to use it in the future.

Ensure your practice is ready for the COVID surge - and beyond.

Register for the webinar today.

I registered for the webinar but did not receive the link to access it, julie@schoolhousepediatrics.com

I didn’t get it either! I’m looking through the post to see if I can find it