Texas: Anyone written a policy yet surrounding TMB Emergency Ruling (GA-19)

Texas Pediatricians: Anyone written a policy yet surrounding TMB Emergency Ruling that was adopted related to Gov Abbott’s Exec Order (GA-19)? Specifically related to (U)(i)(II). We are doing precautionary measures as I am sure everyone is; however, everything has changed and been so quick and dirty we haven’t written down a policy of formal format. I am just curious how other Texas Peds are handing this ruling. What procedures have you adopted? What policies have you written? Are you notating or “proving” in some way that you have done the screenings or do ya’ll do it as a good faith measure. Thanks in Advance!

Here’s my quick and dirty policy. Feel free to use, share, amend, make suggestions or destroy as needed! My advice is don’t let the perfect be the enemy of progress. I recognize I will likely have to edit and redo multiple times as the pandemic and guidance changes and based on our PPE supply.

covid 19 office policies.docx (254.0 KB)

Brandy McCray
Through the Years Pediatrics

Thank You for a example

Thank you for sharing. Later I will also share what we create. I am in the midst of compiling all the “procedural change” communications into a policy.