Keeping a team up to date with what's happening in your practice

Here is the Summary Landing Page of all internal emails to our team and emails to patients for anyone who would like to borrow! I have learned so much for everyone else that I would like to make sure I am returning the favor!

And the latest email that went out yesterday:

Misha (from Green Tree Pediatrics- a private 2 location practice in Michigan)


Wow! This was so helpful!!! Especially to know that we are following almost all of the same protocols as you and experiencing the same woes. Thank you for sharing!

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For those of you who are following the weekly webinars, you will know where I got my opening sentence!!

This is an email I sent internally to the Green Tree Pediatrics team:

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I am still updating the landing page with internal team communications- the latest was August 7 and the Summary page now has links by topic to static pages (i.e. Return to Work criteria, etc) as well as links to our trusted resources (CDC, AAP, etc).

My continued gratitude for this community and all that I learn from you here on this site.

New Update today- I still highly recommend checking out the links from the August 7th update- great stuff there!

Thank you to everyone in this community; I learn so much from you.

Misha. These are really great, and I so appreciate you sharing. What are your credentials and how did you get into this position? You seem to be doing a great job.

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Hi @cnarrin, thank you! My credentials- an undergraduate degree in anthropology from Dartmouth College and a PhD in Philosophy from Georgetown University where my concentration was ethical theory and medical ethics, as well as a certificate in Just Culture facilitation.

Path to my current position- previous experience teaching medical ethics to undergrads and medical students, helped my husband start a pediatric practice in 2004, served as a board member of a community hospital for a few years, completed a mid-career administrative fellowship with a national hospital system, worked in the ambulatory setting for a few years opening practices for a community hospital, and for the past 5 years have worked back in the pediatric practice (which now has 2 locations, employs 3 physicians, 4 PNPs, a nutritionist, and a LMSW as part of a Care Management program, as well as employing RNs for direct nursing and care management). Last year, I “hung out my shingle” as a consultant and have been able to speak to groups and assist others in that capacity.

Thank you for your kinds feedback. I love what I do and I know that we are better when we work together and share information!