Outdoor Flu Vaccine Clinic Updates

Hey everyone, I think a lot of first time outdoor flu clinics were held this past Saturday (9/12).

I would love to hear how they went and see pictures. I will go first: :smiley:

[Edited post- the pictures would not load, sorry! Still not sure how to fix that so here is a link to the emails we sent families with the photos- sorry for the extra clicking!]
Link to see first two photos: https://conta.cc/2RoZm0j
Link to see photo of my daughter- our family usually goes last once we know that we will have enough flu vaccine for our patients, but we were so nervous about the new format that we used ourselves to test out the drive up/tent set up :slight_smile:
Link to the photo of my daughter: https://conta.cc/2FLRLqj

Here are 3 photos from our clinic. Everyone checked in and completed flu screening before they arrived, so we had one person standing where you see the little foot stool to confirm identity and direct traffic. The cars were then directed to pull around alongside the tents where they had the option to stay in the car or come inside one of the 2 tents. We will hold another clinic like this on September 26 and 2 at a different location that will be inside- we will only have one family in the office at a time (really just inside the door in the waiting room) and we are using a race track pathway to ensure that nobody passes each other in the hallway when entering and exiting the building. The first indoor one is this Saturday.

Love learning from everyone, thank you!!


That’s my daughter who was the guinea pig for our first ever outdoor administered flu vaccine :slight_smile:

:frowning: Your photos won’t load for me! Congrats on the successful flu clinics. We have one every day outdoor at one of our 5 locations. Everything has been smooth sailing!

Glad to hear everything is going well! Unfortunately, I also can’t see the pictures. We are bummed as we had to cancel ours on the 12th due to wildfire smoke.

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@amystewart sorry about that Amy! I added links to see the photos!

So glad your outdoor clinics have been going well- hurray for adaptations!

@Eppc sorry on both accounts! I did add links to the original post so you should be able to see the photos now.

Sorry to hear how you have been affected by wildfire smoke. As if 2020 was not hard enough!