Flu vaccines in parking lot

Hi! I am wondering what everyone is planning for the fall? Im trying to brainstorm to be able to vaccinate patients in their car. I feel this is easy and healthy!! I want to vaccinate as many as possible but decrease the traffic physically in the office. Do we need a temp to bill for vaccine only visit? Whats everyone else planning? Thanks for your input!

We are also planning a parking lot flu vaccine clinic. Probably will do evenings (we will have the whole parking lot to ourselves.). Right now envisioning a 2 step process. Patient car parks in designated spots, temps taken, short questionnaire done, and co-pay collected. Once completed, car goes to shot station. Big kids/parents (we give parents flu shots as well) step out of car and RN gives shot. Smaller kids will sit on parent lap (chair provided). Infants in car seat that pops out and shot given while infant in car seat. We don’t want the RN to go into car to minimize exposure.

This is our tentative plan. We will do some “practice runs” with our doctor’s/PNP’s kids.

love the idea of practicing on the kids of our employees!!!
We are going to try to give the vax with the kids in the car to minimize having to wipe down chairs…

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A lot of our pediatric practice members have been sharing their concerns for planning flu clinics this fall so CPP Vaccine Buying Group will be hosting a free webinar focused on drive thru flu vaccine clinics during the COVID pandemic.

Dr. Jeanne Marconi and her practice has been operating drive thru clinics for close to 20 years and she will give her insight on how to do it safely under the current pandemic. Those of you who know Dr. Marconi know that her talks are very informative and she’s all about planning and covering all the details.

You’re welcome to register at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/webinar-planning-a-drive-thru-flu-clinic-amidst-the-covid-19-pandemic-tickets-114165969488 CPP Drive Thru Flu Vaccine Webinar

Webinar link and any materials will be sent to registered attendees prior to the event.


CDC also had some great guidance: Guidance for Planning Vaccination Clinics Held at Satellite, Temporary, or Off-Site Locations

Hello just wondering if any of your offices still have paper charts. We’ve talked about doing a drive in clinic for flu vaccine but the logistics without EHR seem a bit more difficult.

You do not need an ehr to do this. You can pre-register the recipients, verify insurance etc. You keep a log sheet outside with you and document the vaccine ie lot, site etc and then your staff can enter into the patient charts later. Some practices with ehr do not have wifi outside so they are doing it this way as well. Try and attend the webinar as many options to make this work and limit the barriers will be discussed.

For those of you without the ability to extend your wifi to the parking lot, have you tried using a Wifi hotspot? If your parking lot has a decent signal, a decent hotspot should provide enough bandwidth for 2-4 users easily, imo. It seems like a simple solution.