How To Thank Us?

It feels awkward writing this post, but Paulie and I have had enough email about it that we feel compelled to respond.

A remarkable number of you have reached out to us to say thank you for putting together the webinars and this forum. You’re welcome, of course - as far as we are concerned, everyone else here is doing the hard work, we’re just talking about it.

I’ve had many requests for my mailing address so that someone can “send me a bottle of wine” (that’s the common offer) to thank us. As honored and grateful as I am for that…Paulie and I need nothing. We just want your practices to remain viable and continue taking care of our kids.

However, if you really feel you must do something, we offer this: donate to the AAP’s COVID-19 Health and Wellness Fund. We called the AAP and they were amazed that we’d organize an easy donation method for anyone interested.

To be clear, Paulie and I do not want anyone to feel obligated. There’s no pressure. There’s no ask. But if you’re feeling like you need a place to channel your gratitude for the webinar, this site, or just your relative fortune, consider giving to the AAP COVID-19 Fund.

Either way, just know that Paulie and I are grateful for you and all you are doing. Keep it up!

Click here to donate.


Thank you! You have definitely helped me keep my little solo owner practice alive. I’ve followed all your recommendations and “homework” and have found myself signficantly ahead of the game, fingers crossed this is sustainable! Stay well!


Yes, thank you SO MUCH for what you have done to help pediatric practices.