Open letter to the forum members from Paulie Vanchiere

To Members Of This Forum:

PMI has an audacious yet straightforward mission: to help pediatricians succeed. With that in mind, I have a confession to make. When the pandemic hit in 2019, many people reached out to PMI for guidance. Given that this was a new experience for me as well, I really had no clue what to do. So, I reached out to my friends and colleagues in the hopes of bringing together this forum to serve as a platform to share ideas on how to overcome the challenges pediatric practices were facing.

With support from many people from places like PCC, PracticeWell, IPMSO, RemedyConnect, The Verden Group, ClearTriage, PedOne, Women In Pediatrics, and so many others, we were able to provide some resources to help the pediatric community during the past two years.

In addition to support from many such as @Brandon, the most tactical help for me came from my good friend, @Chip. He’s one of a few people that kept things focused on how we can best help our friends during uncertain times. From this budding bromance emerged over 30 webinars that we’ve been told have helped many people over the past two years with over 3,500 different people having participated in at least one webinar and over 3,000 people joining this forum. While our objective wasn’t clear at the time, we felt that the webinars could be an effective way to bring together those experiencing similar challenges. And together, we have been able to share, collaborate, and support each other. We’d be fooling ourselves if we said we were confident in our advice offered during these webinars but appreciate everyone playing along to keep our egos in check.

@Chip and I are proud to have played a small role in helping independent practices overcome, navigate, and manage through this unprecedented time. It has been worth the energy and time and wouldn’t change a thing.

Looming in the background a year ago was the rescheduling of the PMI conference in Orlando now scheduled to take place in a few weeks (January 28 & 29, 2022). As many have experienced, COVID continues to play an irritating role on many fronts. Even though many people are still planning to attend the PMI conference in person and virtually, there remain several obstacles that could affect PMI’s ability to continue providing the same level of support to the pediatric community. Being totally transparent, PMI conferences are very expensive to bring together and require a certain volume of attendees to make the finances work.

PMI Needs Your Support
For those who have registered to attend in-person or virtually, I thank you for your support. For those who have not signed up yet, I can receive no greater honor than you taking the time to join us for the next PMI conference- whether in-person or virtually.

The upcoming PMI conference is slated to be our best event ever with:

  • A stellar faculty that will be teaching over 30 topics including finance, human resource management, marketing, and so much more.
  • PMI’s investment in the resources and equipment to provide the best possible virtual experience- bar none.
  • Planned recording of most, if not all, presentations that will be available to view on-demand.
  • Three virtual attendance options to suit any budget (less than $10 per presentation):
  1. Livestream only access for both days ($199)
  2. On-demand access to the recordings two weeks after the conference ($299)
  3. Both livestream and on-demand access ($329)

As with PMI’s commitment to keeping prices reasonable for such an event, I think you will find that the virtual option provides a very economical solution for you to consider for yourself and members of your practice leadership team. More importantly, it allows PMI to ensure that we can stay the course and provide support to the pediatric community for many more years to come with continued webinars, resources, and conferences.

If you found any of the webinars or the PMI forum valuable, I’m confident you will discover PMI’s conference to be worthwhile and beneficial to you and your practice.

Thank you for your support and I hope you will consider taking a few moments to sign up today for the upcoming PMI conference.


PMI Conference Info

This was an interesting message to open my day :slight_smile:

I have to admit, I don’t quite understand why everyone in the independent pediatric space isn’t participating at PMI to some extent. There are only two significant, public pediatric events every year - PMI and the AAP NCE ('m not counting less public events like PCC’s UC). And only the former has any focus on practice management, professional development, etc. There are one or two state chapter programs that feature practice management content, but those are secondary at best.
If you want to understand this market, if you want to know what pediatricians are worried about and working on, you have to be in their offices and at their meetings. If you’re a pediatrician and want to know what is happening in other practices - how they solve their problems, how you’ve solved problems they have - this is one of the few chances you have to do so and it’s excellent.

PCC, at least count, is sending seventeen people to PMI. We need to absorb as much as possible in order to help our practices succeed. I realize many here might not be able to travel right now (and regardless of COVID, it’s not easy to leave the practice) but…you can do it virtually now! And you and your practice need this content and community.

No, I was not paid or enticed to say any of this :slight_smile:

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Well… that did it!! We are sending 3 to PMI and we desperately hate missing this event!! I am not “joshing” you… it is seriously one of my favorite peds events that I get so much out of! Well, other than my own edification of listening to PODCASTS from peds cases, peds emergencies, charting pediatrics & well clearly the focus is peds!
Now you have made this so accessible, even if my office doesn’t approve the combo event I can! Thank you Paulie! I can’t wait to learn.
Now to figure out the sign up for this :grin:


Thanks for the kinds words. Here’s a link to register:

I have registered for the on-demand one. Thanks!!

Paulie and Chip,
Thank you so much for the webinars you produced over the last 1+ years and for this forum . I have found all of it so helpful during this crazy pandemic time. I didn’t miss a single webinar and often read posts on this forum. You really helped guide me through one of the toughest times in my pediatric practice as a business owner and a physician. I am forever grateful for the time you put into all of this. Thank you!!!

Thank you for the kind words…we say often y’all are doing the hard work and appreciate the opportunity to share what practices are doing that may be of help…

Paulie, thank you for everything you have done and are doing. Just signed up. Why is the pre conference not included in the virtual? It has great topics. Can’t be in the live event due to the Omicron.

Happy to help.

With regard to the Pre-conference and virtual attendance availability, we are using the Pre-conference as a dress rehearsal for the conference recording and livestream sessions. As such, I’ve been reluctant to make any mention/promises that the Pre conference livestream or the recordings will be available, out of an abundance of caution.

It is our intention to have those recorded and available via the on-demand option. However, do not be surprised if you see those sessions streaming in the conference app on Thursday afternoon as we test our equipment, etc.

Huge shout out to Paulie and Chip and huge endorsement of PMI conference. I’m not one for conferences. If I’m going out of town, I want to be hiking, skiing, exploring, etc. However I attended for first time in 2020 (prior to COVID shut down) and it was amazing. So helpful to talk with like minded individuals trying to run independent pediatric practices from across the country. The information at this conference is critical to running a practice and feeling confident in what you are doing. The investment in time and money attending this conference is peanuts to the value of time and money saved in the future. If you know what ROI means attend the conference. If you do not know what ROI means definitely attend the conference:)

Thank you for those comments @Bill. I agree - the ROI of the PMI event greatly exceeds any costs. We’ve got ~3500 members of this forum and I presume all 650 PMI attendees are part of it…but that leaves 2800+ who don’t know what they are missing.

Plus, @Paulie and I are a lot funnier and good looking in person.

I signed up for the on-demand version. How can I watch it? I haven’t gotten any emails about it since the registration email.

Hi there,

Sorry for the confusion on timing of the on-demand videoed being released. We tried to convey it in the registration confirmation email that the videos will be available Friday February 11. This allows us time to edit the videos and get them posted for viewing via the conference app. More details will be sent out once all the videos are posted, etc…

Gotcha. Thank you.
Ohh… I see… videos will be available 2 weeks after conference. I thought it was available for only the 2 weeks after conference. So we have a longer time period to watch them?

Everyone will have 6 weeks to view the videos.