Girlology - Anyone here using it?

When I met Girlology at Paulie’s PMI event last year, I was impressed. Now, in the era of COVID, I think their resources might be even more valuable.

I just shared some of their documentation on my blog including an PracticePartnerOverview-1.pdf (2.2 MB) and Practice FAQ.pdf (1.4 MB) .

Anyone here using Girlology presently? I see this as a potentially awesome tool to engage half your patients. I’d love to hear about anyone’s experience. Is this something EHRs should be looking to integrate!

(For the record, I have no relationship with Girlology except having spoken to them on the phone. They didn’t ask me to post this, this isn’t a paid effort, etc. I just find them interesting!)


Chip, I also met the founders, Drs. Melisa Holmes and Trish Hutchison, at the PMI conference and was impressed with how personable, down to earth, and knowledgable they both are. Their enthusiasm and dedication are also very infectious which was very apparent as they passed around their uterus pillow to attendees who stopped by their booth! In fact, I think it was Dr. Hutchison who left right at the beginning of the conference because her daughter had appendicitis–and then she ended up making it back in once her daughter was stable and in recovery!

Full disclosure, I have not used their paid subscription services but have I have referred patients and friends who have daughters to their website and recommended their book, Girlology: There’s Something New About You–a girl’s guide to growing up. The videos I have seen have been very engaging and informative. It’s another great resource from wonderful doctors providing a unique, fun, and truly valuable service–certainly filling an important niche!

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Thank you Scott for your kind words. We appreciate any referrals to our app and/or website. It is full of medically accurate information written by Dr. Melisa Holmes and myself. Girlology is all about young women’s health, and we would like to be an extension of your practice by filling in any gaps. As a pediatrician myself, I also want to help pediatricians tackle the tough topics with confidence and ease, keep patients engaged with Girlology’s educational content (Which can be used to fuel social media sites), and grow their offices influence within their own community by becoming an official partner. If interested, please let me know:

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Thanks Chip! I am available to talk with anyone on this forum about becoming an official Girlology partner. Girlology is the go-to health community dedicated to making girls’ lives healthier. Our physician-designed content provides families with medically accurate, in-the-moment support to prepare them for what’s next in their health journey. Girlology also wants to help Pediatric practices gain new patients, engage the ones they have, and become more efficient during visits (either in person or with telemedicine) by helping to navigate the more difficult conversions. Happy to talk about what a partnership looks like:

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Hi All,
Kids Plus Pediatrics is proud to now be partnering with Girlology! We are in the currently preparing to utilize the Girlology curriculum and resources for our families in the office and online!
Todd Wolynn

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