Website Redesign

Dear PMI Forum friends,

We are in the process of updating our website ( (last comprehensive redesign was in 2015) and I am asking for your help-

  • do you love your website? if so, what is the link?
  • do you have a favorite feature on your website? what is it?
  • is there something you wish your website had?
  • can you share the link to an admired practice website that is not your own?

Thank you!


We love ours (; redesign in 2017. Best feature is the ability to update and maintain a lot of it on our own without having to pay our web-designer (e.g. when we need to update the date of our Meet & Greet or add a new blog post.) We like the idea of (and pay for) the Is Your Child Sick and Medical Library modules, but unsure how often parents use them. I suppose we could do better looking at the analytics.

Another office website to love:

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Your website is great! Actually, both of your websites are great. Misha, what changes are you thinking of making?

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@tlocke_prp Thank you! That’s nice feedback. One of the things is behind the scenes- we are going to move from a Wordpress platform to a Square platform- we have been told that it will be easier to make changes on our own- which in the time of COVID, we find ourselves wanting to provide updates more frequently, but also want to make changes more easily in general.

I would like to make the site more interactive for current patients- adding the symptom tracker from the AAP and a dosing chart along with stronger encouragement to “call us first!” instead of going to urgent care or ED, including telemedicine appointment policy

I would like more education around Well Visits and what we do (links to Bright Futures and VIS, as well as screenings).

For prospective patients, I would like our google reviews front and center, as well as links to Facebook and Instagram feeds, along with policies around newborn visits, vaccines, PCMH, etc

Finally, the website was designed 5 years ago and it seems like navigation trends have changed for how people like to move around a website.

Those are some of my thoughts!