Credit Card Processing

Hi. Can anyone recommend a credit card processing company? We are looking to switch because we are currently paying over 6% in processing fees which seems high. Thanks for your help.


Contact Michael Gutlove at ERJ Solutions ( He’s been our contact for about a decade and has helped us with keeping our processing fees down, implementing credit card on file, and adding a payment portal on our website. He’s very responsive. Let him know Melissa from Gateway Pediatrics referred you.
Contact info:
Michael Gutlove
Principal / ERJ Solutions

Check out

The most honest people I know in the business…

Costco has great rates for executive business members.

Thank you.

Thank you! aka Square is 2.75% flat. I have found traditional CC processors promote a rate that is not real. They tack on fees for statements, rewards points fees, PCI complaince, etc.

Mind you I do use a traditional processor since it integrates with my EMR so we don’t have dual entry errors, etc.