Pediatric Telephone Triage

Good evening. I would love to have some suggestions for affordable, reliable pediatric telephone triage companies. My office is in Las Vegas, NV. I have been using Access Nurse and found this service to be very expensive and a previous one was more affordable but unreliable for calling my patients back in a reasonable time.

Any suggestions appreciated!

We’ve been with Night Nurse for years and have been very happy with them. It’s been so long since we signed up that I really don’t know how to compare their rates with others but we’ve been so happy we haven’t looked elsewhere.

Thank you for your suggestion. If I viewed their website correctly, Night Nurse requires you to have a separate answering service? In this time of budgeting, I am trying to find one service for all after hours. I would love to hear your perspective on utilizing both answering service and nurse triage and possible costs involved.

We use Rainbow Babies (Children’s Hospital of Cincinnati). Pediatric specific; all RNs have a minimum of 5 years pediatric experience. I would recommend as we have been using them for 5+ years. Pricing 5 years ago was very reasonable when we researched/compared to other groups.

We have been with Triage4Pediatrics for a few years and have been very satisfied with their pediatric nurses and communications with us.

We use Remedy on call and Denver Childrens Nurse line. The medical director is Barton Schmitt, you can’t go wrong as he did write THE telephone triage manual I used in residency.

Can I ask-you pay for Remedy on call answering service and do they transfer calls to Denver Children’s Line. Do you also pay for Denver Children’s line? I see that Denver Children’s does answer NV phone calls but is that a free service? Still googling for all information but really appreciate everyone’s suggestions!

Yes, we pay for Remedy. They will contact Denver Childrens (DC) for nurse advice. Remedy will contact the doc on call (us) if there is a stat lab or a pharmacy question. Most of the health plans in New Mexico, where I practice have a nurse help line for their patients and our after hours messaging directs them to their appropriate hotline. So, only a handful of calls get through to Denver Childrens. We pay per call to DC.

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We use PediCallCare - Texas-based business, I think. We are in Virginia and they have been terrific to work with. Easy process, easy to communicate with, solid business partners. Capability to activate call service as needed and at the provider’s discretion, which provides flexibility. $13/call. Tell Brandy Pediatric & Adolescent Health Partners referred you if you call. Happy to elaborate as needed. -Jeff

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I looked at PediCallCare. The do not cover Nevada. Unfortunately, this is the problem with PediCallCare and triage4Pediatrics right now. Hope this can change in future. Thank you for your input-will keep looking!

We just signed up with night nurse last week and have been happy with their service so far. It is true you need an answering service which they recommended to us and the fee was nominal. We compared 4-5 different options and Night nurse was by far the best value.

@carwij9 a few years ago we were unhappy with our nurse triage service, so we temporarily asked the “back up” providers to answer their own calls until we could find a new service. We offered to pay them the same amount we were paying the nurse triage service for every call they took.
We never did find a new service. The providers don’t get many calls; they don’t mind the small financial reward for each call; and they are much happier about the care our patients are getting, and there is no next day clean up to do.