GoCheck Kids Visual Screener

I had a demo with GoCheck Kids today which is a visual acuity/photo screener that is done with an iPhone (provided by the company). Just wondering if anyone else is currently using this product?

Have not heard of that company but our office uses a handheld machine made by plusoptix and we have been very pleased with it and their customer service. In fact we bought a second machine since that one was always being used throughout the clinic so we wouldn’t have to have the nurses wait on someone to finish. We use it yearly starting at the 1 yr checkup to about late school age and then start the Snellen since often need the actual visual acuity at older ages for sport forms.



Yes our office has been using this for almost two years. It is easy to use and has helped us identify a few kids with visual problems that would have not been discovered. Insurance reimbursement has been good also . The staff feel it is easy to use and the parents have been happy also .

We were allowed by the company to have a trial run of their program a few years back. When done on a few kids with known vision problems, it read them as normal. I felt it was not accurate enough to trust. I gave this feedback to the company at the time and have not considered them since. They may have improved their software since I tried it, but recommend to interpret results within clinical context. It is not acceptable if the false negative rate is too high for a screening tool.

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Thank you for that feedback!

We have been using GoCheck Kids for several years and have been very pleased with its performance. We have picked up several kids/year (typically younger ones) who would not otherwise have been identified. We know of no missed opportunities. The GCK staff reviews all abnormal results and will review questionable results whenever asked. One caveat: our (Illinois) BCBS has decided that they will no longer pay for automated vision screening, so please investigate this before you commit to any automated product. Apparently they need to save money for those hip replacements ;(

I’ve been looking at using this product also. Can anyone share the correct CPT codes to use for this type of screening?

We have been using Go Check Kids for a few years. I am very happy with it. They frequently update the software and the images are reviewed by them for accuracy. They send an email if they think there was a problem with the reading. We use code 99177.

We are using Go Check Kids as well and have had no issues. We are using code 99174.

99174 seems to pay better than 99177. Which is the appropriate code?

This is from the Go Check Kids website:

  • Broadly reimbursed with CPT Codes 99173 (Visual Acuity), 99174, and 99177 (Photoscreening)
  • The only screener that qualifies for both photoscreening codes

Yes, we have used this for years. Good company response and easy to work with. Our local ophthalmologist is impressed with the kids We picked up. Few are reviewed by company and said for us to rescreen.
Happy with reimbursement.

For those that use GoCheckKids, at what ages do you use it?

I tried out the GoCheck Kids iPhone product. I found it difficult to test the younger kids especially due to office lighting and their squirmy bodies. Had no problem with the older kids that could sit still. I was hoping to find a replacement for the Snellen Chart, and they do have a new software that does Snellen. I did like it when it worked, but I thought there was a lot of wasted time trying to get a perfect picture. If your exam room or office has a room with a dimmer switch it might work easier than my office with overhead lights (and windows). Also none of the insurance companies that I deal with would pay for the screening!