Supporting Dr. Sandy Chung for AAP President

As everyone who follows the COVID webinar knows, we recently featured @sandychung to tell us how she ran her COVID clinic. For those who don’t know, Dr. Chung is also one of the two nominees for AAP President this year.

I have worked with Dr. Chung on a number of projects and have remained impressed by her qualities and capabilities. I think she would make an excellent AAP president for a long list of reasons. You can review her background and a fraction of her accomplishments at

Personally, my focus is always on the importance of practicing, independent pediatricians. If you’re reading this forum, you know that. I think Dr. Chung knows and understands what it’s like to make payroll, pay for vaccines, and own a business…while taking care of the kids in her community.

Historically, the voting participation for AAP President is really poor. Last year, just 19% of AAP members voted in the election. If just a small portion of the PMI Forum members were to vote this year, the impact on the results would be significant.