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Each day Chip and I receive information from community members about their response to the “PMI Challenge” to contact local media outlets to share what is happening in the world of pediatrics (plummeting vaccination rates and reduced well visits).

If you are one of those people, please take a few moments to post in the forum under the newly created category so fellow community members can learn from you how they can effectively advocate for themselves, etc.

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WKRG News 5, Mobile, AL Market

This is my third interview with the same reporter since the pandemic started. If you have patient parents who work for local media, reach out to them to request an interview.


Very nice piece in Kevin MD about one of the best Independent Pediatric Practices serving the under-served community in Chicago–Dr. Alejandro Clavier and Dr. Nidhi Kukreja at Vida Pediatrics

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Back to back articles published yesterday and today:

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CNBC article:


Great quote from @cdiasio!

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061020 Patients return for care.pdf (1.3 MB)