Pediatric user group for AMD?

Pretty new to AMD and I’ve done a ton of work on templates and forms. I have several questions that I can’t believe I’m the only one asking in regards to pediatric-related features & functions. Like the inability to search for patients by the responsible party, family name, address, etc in order to use campaigns without parents receiving several duplicate messages. Or a way to do a report on patients using months of age not just years. Looking for collaboration and interest in getting them to improve modules and features to work well for pediatrics not just big people.

Anyone interested?
Dorin Kemmerle, MD FAAP
Sprout Pediatrics
Salem, Oregon

The reporting in AdvancedMD is actually pretty good, IMHO…there are a variety of built in reporting functions…message me if you want to set up a GoToMeeting and Im happy to help you get going with it.